Web solutions for a variety of customers for all platforms.

Products and services

Need a website but have no idea where to start? Look no further, we design and build modern and elegant websites.

Our websites are designed to be mobile friendly so users can enjoy your content on any platform.

Web design

Don't have enough cash for a full website but have idea's? No worries, we will design websites for you.

Web design + construction

We also build full websites from designs to live sites.

Responsive Design

In today's mobile world it is important to create websites that work well on all platforms. It will enable you to reach out to a variety of clients.

Domain + management

We will setup your domain and manage your website for you.

2GB disk space

We will set you up with 2GB disk space or more depending on your needs.

Unlimited email accounts

You will get unlimited email accounts for your business and we will help with the initial setup.

Unlimited MySQL database

We will set you up with a unlimited database so you can store as much information as you need to on your website.

Web Security

We will use a SSL Certificate + a Dedicated IP address which will secure your site and data (https). It will also increase your Google search rankings.


Don't know what you are looking for? We got you covered! Please look at what we could design or build for you.

Brander food's template

#01 Food

See live!

Start up construction and maintenance company template

#02 Construction and Maintenance

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A small sample of a clothing store

#03 Clothing

See live!

Didn't find what you are looking for?

Don't stress more templates are on the way. Or you can get started with us and let us build you a website.


What are we about?

  • Quality work using various solutions

    Our main goal is to make our clients happy expressing their ideas and business onto the internet. We strive to produce quality work using various solutions. We follow Chris Sacca's quote. "Ideas are cheap, execution is everything".

  • Connecting via mobile

    In this mobile dominant age we want to bring you closer to your customers with user friendly websites. Websites that customers can use on the go!

  • Business appeal

    It is important that your website makes good a impression on people and that's why we are here!

  • Mobile friendliness and responsiveness

    We take pride in our work and want to ensure websites designed by us are mobile friendly and responsive.


Meet our Team

Felix Brander

Founder, Director and Web/Software Developer

Felix Brander completed his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree at CTI Education Group. His passion for software development led him to start a web development company.

He noticed how expensive some modern websites are and wanted to provide companies an affordable platform to market themselves regardless of size. He loves engaging with clients, building strong relationships and delivering quality products.

Tanakah Todii Mashoko

Director and Web/Software developer

A holder of a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Tanakah's passion lies in Information Technology with a strong inclination in the Internet Of Things (IoT).

He obtained his qualification in 2016 at CTI Education Group in Cape Town.

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Felix Brander: felix@branderitsolutions.co.za

Tanakah Mashoko: tanakah@branderitsolutions.co.za

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